10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Ukulele

beginner ukulele playerMaybe you’ve thought about learning how to play the ukulele. There is literally nothing stopping you from picking up this great instrument and learning how to play today. Here are ten reasons why everyone should be playing the ukulele.

10 Reasons to Play Ukulele

1. It’s Inexpensive

As opposed to a costly guitar or piano, the ukulele is one of the most cost effective instruments to pick up and play. Bargain hunters should be able to find a quality ukulele for less than 100 dollars. If you’d like to make the investment, there are always more expensive, fancier ukuleles on the market, but they are typically a cheaper instrument.

2. Easy To Learn

While some people are simply naturally gifted when it comes to playing instruments, even the less inclined among us should find it easy to pick up the ukulele and learn. When compared to other stringed instruments, the ukulele rates out as one of the easiest to learn. All you need to do is tune your uke and strum away to happyville.

3. Ease Of Transport

No, the ukulele will not fit in your back pocket like a harmonica, but a backpack or a case does the trick quite nicely. Maybe you’ll be able to start a new career as a sidewalk performing artist, who knows?

4. It’s A Lot Of Fun

Learning a new instrument may not always be fun, but mastering one sure is. A ukulele is not just a fun instrument to play, but it is great fun to listen to, as well. Combining the right amounts of soul and playfulness, the ukulele provides a unique musical experience. To see what I mean, take a look at this article that covers easy ukulele songs by the Beatles.

5. More Popular Than You May Think

Popular music is littered with examples of those who learned how to play the ukulele and incorporated it into their music. Bands ranging from Train to Pearl Jam have used the ukulele in their music, as has pop vocalist Jason Mraz. Not the mention, the awesome classics that have truly catapulted the ukulele such as Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

6. They Are A Great Icebreaker

Thanks to their portability, ukuleles can be brought to parties and are often a big hit. They are known as a happy instrument, so their presence is typically welcome in most social settings.

More Reason to Play Ukulele

7. Variety Of Styles

Most instruments limit the user’s choices of color and style, limiting their ability to express their individuality. No such worries with the ukulele, as you can pick from a dazzling array of shapes, size and color schemes. The only limit is your imagination.

8. Low Maintenance

Since there are a mere four strings to tune, the ukulele does not require very much maintenance. Ukulele strings are quite durable, as opposed to the guitar, so you won’t be shopping for new ones on a regular basis.

9. Joining A Community

No matter where you go, chances are, you will find a fellow ukulele enthusiast or two to jam with. What could be more fun than that? Purchasing this instrument means becoming a member of a musician community. Don’t forget to like my easy ukulele songs facebook page.

10. Versatility

No matter how much musical expertise you have, there are melodies to be learned on the ukulele. Whether you are an advanced musician seeking to learn complex techniques or a beginner just looking to strum out a simple melody, the ukulele is right for you.