Best Ukulele For Beginners (Kala 15S)

best ukulele for beginnersBefore you get started with lessons, I want to make sure you have one of the best ukulele for beginners to play along with. Of course you need a ukulele to take these lessons, so just in case you don’t already have a one, I wanted to introduce you to the most popular ukulele for beginners. It’s the Kala 15S, and It’s actually this very instrument which is the one I’m going to be using in one of my free ukulele video lessons.

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The reason why its the best seller is because it really has great quality. It has a mahogony build and it comes with Aquila strings already included which are also the best ukulele strings on the market. So this ukulele has great quality at a economical price for beginners. It’s currently available on Amazon for $53.99. I highly recommend that you buy this today if you don’t already have a ukulele. I’ve included the link that takes you to the amazon product page for you to purchase it. The Kala 15S has a 4.5 star rating with over 1000 positive reviews. So you can click the link and you can see the amazing reviews this ukulele has.

Another thing I want to advise you to buy is a clip-on electronic tuner because you are really going to need it. As you play ukulele for a long time, the strings will naturally get out of tune as you press and strum the strings. So not only is it recommended for beginners to have a tuner, but even professionals have it handy while on stage for quick tuning. One of the biggest mistakes you can do as a beginner, which you definitely want to avoid, is to try and play the ukulele out of tune. Definitely know how to tune your uke! It will be a big obstacle and will hinder your learning progress. So this ukulele and the tuner are 2 things you need to have going forward. Only when tuned can you go on strumming ukulele chords to your hearts content.

In the next video I will show you how to tune your ukulele with this same tuner I’m recommending to you. Even if you buy a different tuner, the lesson will still help you tune your ukulele properly. If you have any questions or need help please send me an email. I read all of my emails and will be very happy to help you.

Take a look at this video of a fellow uke player unboxing his new Kala 15s.

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