Ukulele Strings That Make You Sound Better

ukulele stringsIf you’re brand new the ukulele scene, you’ve probably carefully picked out the perfect one that was recommended or that you’ve done research on. Additionally, you’ll want to know what strings you should be purchasing that will result in the best sound, especially since this is something you’re new to.

Tips and Advice on Ukulele Strings

If there’s one thing to remember, is that there’s not one single type of string that’s considered the best one.

Stringed instruments rely on the actual construction of its sound chamber to successfully create a desired tone and to sustain that tone. If you’re using a laminated top ukulele, you’ll want to invest in aquila strings, which help give a sound boost to these types of ukulele. When it comes to solid wood ukuleles, there are a variety of strings that will suit this build best, such as nylons and flourocarbons. Brands that provide these types of strings include Worth and Martin.

Comparing Various Ukulele Strings

Some of the ukulele strings available for purchase are manufactured with precious metals in their build. And even though strings can be inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean that you should cheat yourself by purchasing some of poor quality.

Both the playability of your ukulele and the sound of your instruments can be compromised if you manage to purchase the inappropriate set of strings. The difference in sound between the variants strings is very noticeable, regardless of what your preference in sound may be. This is discussed directly below:

It’s also to remember that when it comes to the “best” ukulele strings, a lot of it has to do with the performer’s preference in sound in addition to the strings’ compatibility with the instrument itself. If the strings are too thin, they will become the consistency of spaghetti strings at any lower tunings. This means, however, that you’re free to experiment with different types of strings with various thicknesses. This is the best way for a beginner to get started and it will help him or her become more familiar with the workings of their new instrument.

Additional ukulele and String Pairings

Mahalo ukulele (cheap ukuleles you’ll find in most hobby catalogs): Aquila strings

Mainland Mahogany (Concert) ukulele: Martin strings (flourocarbons)

Pono (Concert) MHC Mahogany ukulele: Martin Flourocarbons

Kanile’a K1 Tenor ukulele: Worth CM Strings